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Thurs, Mar 23, 7pm

Rotary Room of Cobourg Public Libary, 200 Ontario St., Cobourg
James Conolly, Professor of Anthropology of Trent University, on human settlement in Northumberland County
Speaker Series Collaboration with Northumberland Land Trust

Woodcocks, Peepers and Owls Walk • Apr 22, 7:30pm

Lone Pine Marsh
We will start the evening listening for Spring Peepers and other frogs and toads as they display for mates. Marsh inhabitants such as ducks, geese, herons, beaver, and muskrat could be seen too. As dusk approaches we will listen for the distinctive beeping of displaying American Woodcocks (a bird), then perhaps even hear a Great Horned Owl as darkness falls. more info
Dress for the weather remembering it will get cooler through the evening. Waterproof footwear is recommended as there may be a few muddy spots on the trail, as well as dew forming on the grass at dusk.

Walks and Annual General Meeting • Jun 10, 9am to 1pm

Wilkinson Tract

Bird Walk at 9am

The marsh should be hopping and the woods full of song. Between these two habitats we should find at least thirty species with possibilities of Green Heron, Pileated Woodpecker, Alder Flycatcher, and Rose-breasted Grosbeak. more info

Plant Walk at 10:30am

The last of the spring wildflowers will be in bloom and early summer plants will be prominent. The walk will take us through a mixed forest with its distinctly “northern” character, then out into the open cattail marsh and alder swamp. Trilliums, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, ferns, Solomon’s Seal, Wintergreen, and more await. more info
The trails can be muddy in places and water is often flowing over Pogue Road so rubber boots are recommended for the walks. Being June there may be some biting insects (we have a variety) so bring repellent and wear long sleeves and pants.

Annual General Meeting at 12pm

We will review the year’s accomplishments at our Annual General Meeting. The actual meeting starts at noon but we have two optional field trips throughout the property in the morning (see above).
Bring your lunch (drinks will be provided) and seating and dress for the weather forecast.

Bats and Night Things Walk • Sep 16, 7pm

Lone Pine Marsh
Bats are an incredibly important and threatened part of the ecosystem, yet are seldom seen because of their nocturnal habitats. Join Chris Ketola who will show off some impressive technology that will help reveal the bat life overhead. Both resident species such as Big and Little Brown Bat, as well as migrants like Silver-haired Bat are possible. more info
Dress for the weather remembering it will get cooler as night comes; wear waterproof footwear to protect against wet spots and dew.

Fall Colours Nature Walk • Oct 14, 9am

Munn Tract
Mid October is a wonderful time to enjoy our wild places and the Munn Tract’s rich mixed forest ravine should be spectacular. Beautiful fall colours, migrating birds, and no biting insects! This is a general nature walk so we will be watching for anything that crosses our path. more info
Dress for the weather forecast; sturdy shoes or hiking boots should be all you need.

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