Speaker Series 2020

Once again, Lone Pine Land Trust is partnering with Northumberland Land Trust to provide speakers on topics of interest in the winter of 2020. Talks will take place on the second Thursday of January, February, and March at Venture 13 (739 D’Arcy St.) in Cobourg.

Gary Pritchard • Jan 9

Gary Pritchard is the Environment and Climate Change Manager at Cambium Aboriginal; his topic will be Aboriginal Perspectives on Conservation.

Verena Sesin • Feb 13

Verena is a Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental and Life Sciences program at Trent University in Peterborough. She is originally from Germany, where she completed her B.A. in Science Journalism and M.Sc. in Ecotoxicology. Her current research interest lies in pesticide effects and fate in wetlands and her topic is “A Balanced Approach to Chemical Control of Invasive Plants: How can we effectively remove invasive plants while keeping native ones healthy?”. She aims to foster critical thinking on how we can effectively manage invasive plants with pesticides, while minimizing risks to nearby native plants. Verena calls herself a “gardener for science”, as she spends a lot of time growing plants for her experiments in the greenhouse and outdoors. She also enjoys communicating environmental science facts through blogging for the “EcotoxBlog” as well as circulating her “Go Green tips” newsletter among graduate students at Trent.

Tamara Segal • Mar 12 • event CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Tamara is a Registered Herbalist and wild foods enthusiast based in Prince Edward County. She runs an herbal clinic at her farm, working one on one with people to address various health issues with plant medicine and other natural approaches. Most of the medicines she works with come from her farm, where she harvests wild plants that grow in succession as she lets the land “re-wild” itself. Tamara also teaches classes and workshops on herbal medicine, and offers edible & medicinal plant foraging walks to help others recognize and appreciate the value of wild lands, and to empower more self sufficiency in health.
She will be discussing some of our local wild plants (many of which are considered “weeds” or “invasives”), examining their edible and medicinal properties, describing ways they can be harvested and processed for best results, and sharing some of her own experiences of working with these plant medicines for healing. Her talk is titled, “The Food & Medicine Benefits of Our Most Common Wild Plants”.
Her website is: http://hawthornherbals.com/

Speaker Series 2019

See Update below!
The Lone Pine Land Trust is continuing its partnership with the Northumberland Land Trust in sponsoring an annual Speakers Series. This year the Speakers Series will be held at Venture 13 at 739 D’Arcy Street Cobourg, ON. The speaker events will take place on the third Thursday of January, February, and March at 7pm.
We have a very exciting line-up of speakers.

Allie Anderson • January 17

Allie is a PhD candidate from Trent University who has been working on the James Bay Shorebird Project. Her PhD research examines flexibility in shorebird migratory strategies related to stopover diet, habitat use, departure flights, and migration.

Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario • February 21

Prior to her appointment, Dianne was one of Canada’s most respected environmental lawyers. She has 40 years of unparalleled experience writing, interpreting, and litigating Ontario’s energy and environmental laws. Dianne was appointed ECO in 2015. In 2018, the government cancelled her position. Visit http://eco.on.ca for information on the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

Monique Aarts and John Urquhart, Blazing Star Environmental • March 21

Blazing Star Environmental has been working locally over the past year looking at natural habitats for specific species, particularly reptiles and amphibians. The focus for their project has been Durham Region and Northumberland County due to the rapid pace of growth in the area. Fortunately, a considerable amount of connected natural habitat exists in the area. This same area is an obvious data gap for reptile and amphibian species at risk (SAR). Blazing Star Environmental has teamed up with local conservation groups to find and protect any undiscovered populations of reptiles and amphibians before it is too late. They will present their findings from the past year of study in the 2 regions.

Update: A summary of this year’s speaker series

The Lone Pine Marsh Land Trust once again partnered with the Northumberland Land Trust to offer an inspiring speakers’ series in January, February and March. In order to accomodate a growing number of attendees, the talks were held at Venture 13 on Darcy St. in Cobourg.
The 2019 series was a great success. In January, Alexandra Anderson from Trent University presented her research on migration strategies of shorebirds using James Bay shoreline as a stopover site. In February, Dianne Saxe,
the former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, presented on the state of the Environment in Ontario and shared ideas on how citizens could become more engaged to make a difference environmentally. Finally in March, Blazing Star Environmental presented their findings on populations of amphibian and reptile species at risk in Northumberland County.
All speakers keenly shared ideas on how we could improve the environment and/or contribute to conservation within Northumberland County and Canada. They inspired us and also challenged us to do more!
We value the partnership with the Northumberland Land Trust and look forward to the continued success of our speakers’ series which will launch again in January of 2020. Stay tuned through the web site and future newsletters for the speakers’ series program for next year.

Welcome New Stewards

James, Catherine, and Neil, new property stewards.

We have new stewards for two properties. James Munn is taking over duties at the Munn Tract, which is so fitting because it was James’ mother Cora who donated the land to us, and it was James who planted many of the trees in the former agricultural areas. Having returned to the area after a career in forestry, James will be invaluable in helping us prepare for the next scheduled thinning of the planted areas.
We are also delighted to welcome Catherine Hayday and Neil Gower as the first stewards of the newly acquired McColl Tract. Neil and Catherine joined Lone Pine shortly after moving to this area a few years ago, and they are very keen to learn this property. Their passion for conservation and good stewardship will be a tremendous asset. Catherine, Neil and James now join Paulette Hebert (Wilkinson Tract), Rob Kennedy (Kennedy Tract) and Sharon Moro and Tim Whitehouse (Lone Pine Marsh – Braham Tract) as our slate of land stewards. These are the people who visit our properties monthly, record observations, pick up garbage, check fences, and a hundred other things that keep the properties in good shape. Thank you all for your dedication and key role in the proper management of our properties.